Cake Smash Session – Emma

Hi KB family!

This past weekend I had the honor of photographing Emma’s cake smash session for her 1 year birthday.

She was a little tentative at first, as you can see:

You want me to….what?

But she eventually got the point and started digging in!

Yum Yum.

As you can see, cake smash sessions don’t have to be in a studio! They don’t even have to have a backdrop and tons of props (unless that’s your thing)

She started coming for my camera 😉

If you prefer props and a back drop, cool. My sessions do come with minimal props (sailboat pictured above, cake stand and a wooden 1 year sign) but you are welcome to bring any other props you may want. I can also bring a white back drop if you like that look.

Also, I don’t bring the cake. Sorry not sorry. Covid aside, there are way too many food allergies out there and I’m leaving that up to you, parents. Btw, donuts work too!

So if you’ve been thinking about a cake smash for your little one, reach out! I’d love to add you to the KB family.



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