Sister session! – Portrait – Miami Beach

Sister session – Miami Beach

Hey friends! I know, it’s been a hot minute since I updated my blog. However, 2020 is here and this is just one of many goals I have this year. I would like to blog minimum once a month, and hopefully show you more about what a session with me will be like!

So without further ado, let’s dig into this sister session.

First of all though, how adorable are they?!

This family was on vacation and wanted some photos of their girls. I was absolutely on board, obviously. For those that don’t know, YES, I DO travel, and am happy to do it.

They were in Miami Beach so I wanted to take them somewhere that had more than just the beach. I wanted some variety. I ended up finding this beautiful, HUGE, park in Miami Beach. It was seriously the perfect location to take these.

See how massive this park is? The girls could run AND be safe because there was a fence all around the park.

We started the photos in the park, then made our way to the beach. We had a few outfit changes throughout, which yes, you can also do in your full sessions with me, not minis.

The girls were wonderful. I had them running, holding hands, playing games, etc. Engagement is the key. Fun is the key.

“Tell your sister something funny.”

Then we made our way to the beach. This park had a little path that led right to it, so it was perfect.

So that’s it friends. Let me know what you think and what you’d like me to talk about next. Family sessions – can they really last an hour? Thinking of a Fresh 48 but don’t know what the heck it is? Let me know!

All the love,


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