Mother’s Day Mini – Carolina

A couple of days ago I met up with Carolina and her little ones in Boca Raton, at the Yamato Natural Scrub Area. It was a perfect morning for a photoshoot! The weather was beautiful.

I got there a little early (as I always do) to scope out the area and find the perfect spots to take photos. The first location I noticed was of a bridge that connected to the other side of the trail. I knew it’d be the perfect spot for photos. I kept walking and found this absolutely beautiful tree, with Spanish moss hanging down off of it. Spot number two!

Once Carolina arrived with her kiddos, we got started. Mini sessions are really great for families with young kids. They are 30 minutes long, which is long enough for me to get a variety of photos, but not so long that the kids start getting restless. (Pssst…if that DOES happen, it’s okay. I have two young kids too. I get it!)

We had a great time, got to explore a new area, and got some beautiful photos. Check them out below, and if you want to schedule your own Mother’s Day Mini, contact me now to reserve your spot! I’m only offering these until May 19th!

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